Advertising space is being offered in the A4, full-colour, silk programme (print run: 300), on this website, and on the Organists Online website (viewings: 50,000+).

PRINTED PROGRAMME - 300 copies of a full colour A4, glossy, 130gsm programme will be produced. All prices quoted are the total cost and are fully inclusive of design (if required). You need to provide us with the wording and preferred fonts (if any), also any images, photos or logos in high resolution (300dpi) JPG or TIFF format. Alternatively, you can leave the design process up to us and we will email or post you a proof prior to publication for approval. Dimensions are down x across, and the prices are: WEB PAGES - 50,000+ hits.  Essential text content of advertisements, and some graphics when possible, will be prominently placed on the Organ Day 2019 website, and embedded in the most visited pages of Organists Online (15 Jan - 15 April).

*** Each "hit" records an occasion when a computer pulls a page with an embedded advertisment from the server on which it resides and displays it on a PC, tablet, or something similar. However, many PCs and some ISPs still cache or store internet pages and refer to these stored versions rather than the original. These viewings are not recorded as "hits" . This means that 50,000 hits can easily mean that a page is actually accessed 60 - 70,000 times or more. Also, once a page has been loaded on to a PC or tablet, etc, it can be viewed many times during any one session without being logged. 50,000+ hits may well  mean  70,000?, 80,000?? 90,000??? viewings - there's no way of knowing.

The number of hits predicted is based on the same time period in 2018.

If you would like to take our advertising space in the programme, or would like further information, please contact Philip Norman -