Music in Bloomsbury with Organists Online
Organ Day  28 January 2023
6.00 - 7.20

Celebrity Recital
Richard Hills

Programme to be announced

Lasts about 75 - 80 minutes

If Richard Hills inhabited the world of soft rock/folk/classicl-pop, he might be described as a Crossover Artist, as he is equally at home in the world of liturgical and "serious" organ music as he is in the more flamboyant environment of the theatre organ.

He comes to us today via The King's School, Rochester; Exeter College, Oxford; Portsmouth Cathedral, Westminster Abbey; St Mary's, Bourne St; - and also awards from the American Theatre Organ Society (Organist of the Year 2010), international appearances world wide, and playing for the re-opening of the Troxy in 2015.

We have written above Programme to be announced, but be prepared for anything.

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