Music in Bloomsbury with
Organists Online 2022


It is not completely necessary to register for this event and you may just turn up on the day. However, as we don't know at present whether any Covid restrictions on total numbers may be in place by the end of January, it is strongly recommended that you do register. If your registration is received and acknowledged, we know that you are coming, and you are guaranteed entry. If you just turn up on the day, and numbers are high, we may (reluctantly) have to refuse you entry.

Please email us if you are planning to attend this year.

It would be VERY helpful if you could number your responses the same as the numbered bullet points below, including such comments such as "5. N/A"

When emailing us please include:
  1. Your Name;
  2. Contact Email;
  3. Contact Telephone;
  4. How many people you might bring with you.
    (because of possible Covid restrictions, it might be easier to cross people off a list rather than add them later);
  5. How many are attending the afternoon recitals and masterclass;
  6. How many want the Bloomsbury Buffet;
  7. The total for 6) x £5
  8. How many want to attend the Celebrity Recital;
  9. The total for 8) x £7
  10. Any donation you may want to make

    It takes a LOT of money to put on an event like this, and we don't get grants from the Arts Council or anything similar. Every penny has to be raised one way or another. When you arrive, you will be given a free programme (paid for by the advertisements inside), but the full page advert in Organists Review and other places do not readily lend themselves to such fund raising.

    Similarly, the church, standing here in a prime West End location, is often hired out for a considerable sum, but for the Organ Day no such hiring will be possible.

    Finally, you can attend the first five hours totally without charge, but presenters' and recitalists' expenses and fees for this period have to be paid.

  11. The total for 7), 9) and 10)

Please email your registration below

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In previous years, we have asked  you just to register for the buffet and/or recital, and taken cash on the day.This has led to long, straggling queues at the payment point and, sometimes, the correct change from large banknotes has not been immediately available.

Also in previous years, we have had collection buckets available for donations, which has been effective, but only after much undignified bucket rattling.

This year, as far as possible, we are asking for secure pre-payment by card.

Paying by Card

If you are paying by card, you can do so here:
but before you do,


A quick check now could save much frustrating correspondence later.