Llanddewi Rhydderch Festival Choir
Summer Concert
Box II"

When & Where

8 June
7.00 pm

St David's Church
Llanddewi Rhydderch



All singers (both experienced and new-baked) from Llanddewi Rhydderch and beyond are invited to be part of this concert. Llanddewi Rhydderch Festival Choir is a project based choir. That is, concerts and/or events are set up and there is a limited number of rehearsals leading up to that event. Participation in the event is not dependent on having sung with the choir before, and participation does NOT commit singers to any other events.

The title, Selection Box II, means that a wide variety of musical styles will be sung.


Membership of the choir is open to all interested singers.

As mentioned above, singing with the choir carries no implication of further committment. This is a self contained project and once done and dusted, that's it. You will be kept informed of other similar projects, but not with an expectation that you will participate.

It is NOT expected that singers will be able to sight read music. The pieces chosen will allow for a range of musical abilities and, for those who want to use them, downloadable rehearsal tracks will be available.

This choral project will be led by Philip Norman

Music and Downloads

The choir has eight pieces to sing. You can have a look at the music HERE

These are the rehearsal tracks. All tracks will appear on this page during the next week of two. The Overall track in each case gives an impression of how the whole piece will run with all repeats etc.

Da Doo Ron Ron

Do Wah Diddy

Eleanor Rigby

Homeward Bound

Puppet on a String


Softly As I Leave You

Sound of Silence


Rehearsals will begin in April on Sunday afternoons, but avoiding the Bank Holiday weekends.

All rehearsals will be in St David's church.


There is music to be produced, a church to be lit, (and possibly heated), rehearsal interval refreshments to be provided, and publicity materials to create, so a collection will be taken to cover these.

NB!!! NB!!! NB!!! NB!!!

We'll do a once and for all collection at the end of the last rehearsal. Before this, during other rehearsals, especially at refreshment times, please don't initiate sub-collections. We'll keep it tight and right on the night.

Last Date for Registration

There is no actual last date - we can accept new singers right up to 3.00 pm on Saturday 8 June.

However, music has to be collated and printed, to make sure that everything is ready for the first rehearsal (21 April), and the number of copies ordered will be based on the number of registrations to date (plus a few more). please, if possible, register

as soon as possible.

Click HERE to register.


Philip Norman
01873 590 055
07939 064 247



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