A consortium of singers, instrumentalists, conductors, composers and arrangers for and from (but not exclusively so) the North Monmouthshire Ministry Area. Map of the ministry area showing parishes. Same as the list below

This scheme is not limited by area or denomination. If people from outside the area wish to participate - they will be welcome. Similarly, if congregations from outside the area wish to use these resources, they will be welcome. Additionally, this scheme is not restricted to Church in Wales congregations - it is ecumenical in intention.

Keeping Music Live in Churches

From January 2023, the parishes and parish areas listed above have been linked as the North Monmouthshire Ministry Area. It is the intention that they will co-operate with each other and share resources.

Across the area, there are organists, pianists, singers, choirs, instrumentalists, conductors, composers and arrangers. This webpage facilitates them working together.

The page is a resource for congregations who seek, on an occasional basis, some extra support for their music. They will be able to make their requests known and musicians who are able to help can volunteer to be of assistance.

For volunteering musicians, their commitment will not extend beyond any particular service for which they are in place.

It is envisaged that, from time to time, musicians from the area will put on their own events (such as an Advent carol service, or a Lent meditation) both to offer music of a wider scope and to raise awareness of possibilities on offer.

Music has been part of church services since apostolic times. Until the 20th century, this music was always produced by live performers. The purpose of NMMA Music is (as far as possible) to make live music available to congregations within the Ministry Area when or if they wish for it.


Anyone from within the area or outside, of any denomination, who has skills to offer or skills to improve, is welcome to be part of this scheme.


For anyone wanting to use this facility, a request form is available (See below). Information from submitted forms will be sent on to registered musicians who will decide if they want to be involved in that particular event and report back. Matters such are rehearsals (if any) and times etc will be discussed and agreed on.


For whenever a request is made. There could be five requests a month, or none. The system is very flexible

However, as musicians will only be signing up for services/events where the information is clearly laid out beforehand, there should be no problems.


For wherever a request is made. No one church will be considered to be the operational base for the scheme. Services, events and rehearsals could be anywhere within the area, or even outside.

However, as musicians will only be signing up for services/events where the information is clearly laid out beforehand, there should be no problems.


For people or groups who wish to enhance their skills or find material suitable for a particular project, there are a number of free, downloadable resources:


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For information about the Ministry Area in general
Fr Julian Gray
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07968 937 371

For information about NMMA Music in particular
Philip Norman
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