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30 Jan. 2016

An Organists Online with Music in Bloomsbury Annual Organ Day
Saturday 30 Jan 2016
Music in Bloomsbury (Philip Luke) and Organists Online (Philip Norman) invite all organists and other musicians to another afternoon and early evening of recitals, displays, and presentations.

The theme of the event, Passacaglias, Partitas, Variations and ..., takes an overall look at how composers have transformed and varied melodies and harmonies in the course of a piece, ranging from the simple decoration of melodies during the Renaissance through to techniques of thematic transformation used in later centuries. The day will wind to a close with our celebrity recital by John Scott Whiteley

During the day, there will be ongoing refreshments, displays of relevant material and sales of CDs and books, and a substantial buffet.

The two Philips look forward to seeing you, and sharing an afternoon of fine performances, interesting viewpoints, and tasty food.

And, LOOKING TO THE FUTURE, there will be a Reger Fest from 23 - 30  July, celebrating the the life of Max Reger (1873 - 1916), in Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. Now's the time to put this in your diaries.

Also, please bring your choirs to the 2016 Annual Small Choirs Festival on Saturday 6 February. Further information is available HERE.


Feel free to come and go as you please.
  • 12.30:
    Light Refreshments
  • 1.00:
    Presentation 1 - The Historical Background (Philip Norman)
  • 1.30:
    Recital 1 - Students from the RCO Academy Organ School
  • 2.00:
    Interval - do visit the displays!
  • 2.30:
    Presentation 2 - The Evolution of Organ Cases (Roger Pulham)
  • 3.00:
    Recital 2 - Joshua Stephens
  • 3.30:
    Interval - and more time to vist the displays.
  • 4.00:
    Presentation 3 - The Hermes Experiment
  • 4.30:
    Recital 3 - Richard Brasier
  • 5.00:
    BUFFET (£5), please pre-order
  • 6.00:
    Celebrity Recital - John Scott Whiteley (£5)
  • 7.00:
Presentation 1 - 1.00pm
Philip NormanPhilip Norman (founder of Organists Online) takes an overall, historical look at how composers have varied, developed and transformed musical ideas across five centuries. This ranges from the simple decoration of repeated harmonic patterns through to thematic transformation influenced by Wagner's use of leitmotifs.
Recital 1 - 1.30pm
Anne Marsen ThomasUnder the care of Anne Marsden Thomas, advanced students from the RCO Academy Organ School will play a variety of pieces displaying a wide range of styles. Details of performers and repertoire will be displayed nearer the time.

Further information about Anne is available HERE, and about the Organ School HERE.
Presentation 2 - 2.30pm
Joshua StephensOrgan builder Roger Pulham looks at how organ cases throughout the ages have evolved according to the instruments they house, which in themselves have been transformed by the demands of the music played on them. You can find a lot of Google references to Roger HERE.
Recital 2 - 3.00pm
Joshua Stephens Joshua Stephens. Programme details will be displayed nearer the time.
Joshua has an impressive array of international competition successes, broadcasts and major recital venues to his credit. Read more about him HERE.
Presentation 3 - 4.00pm
Joshua StephensToday, we  meet The Hermes Experiment. Described by Classical Music Magazine as, "barmy, but brilliant," this instrumental ensemble explores the boundaries of variation and metamorphosis within an extemporary framework. Find out more about The Hermes Experiment HERE.
Recital 3 - 4.30pm
Richard BrasierRichard Brasier. Programme details will be displayed nearer the time.

Apart from studying in London and Germany, Richard has an enviable list of recital and broadcast credits to his name. Find out more about him HERE.
Celebrity Recital - 6.00pm
John Scott Whiteley
John Scott Whiteley
John Scott Whiteley is Organist Emeritus of York Minster, having worked at that great cathedral from 1975 until 2010 when he retired from the Minster in order to pursue his freelance career. During the past ten years he has become well-known for his performances on BBC2 and BBC4 television of the complete organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach. 21st-Century Bach was a joint commission by BBC2 and BBC4 and began in 2001. The series continues and is planned to run for several more years, after which time some eighty programmes will have covered Bach's entire output for organ. The series was described by the British daily national newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, as "a triumph both nationally and musically."

John now has twenty-six solo CD recordings to his credit, and a further twenty-two as accompanist. These have been recorded by EMI, Guild, Regent, Priory, Amphion, Boreas and York Ambisonics. His CD, Great Romantic Organ Music, appeared for eight years in the Penguin Good CD Guide as one of the best recorded organ recitals, and several other CDs have won awards, notably a Critic's Choice Award from The Gramophone. This award-winning recording, The Complete Organ Music of Joseph Jongen, formed the basis of some recent programmes made for the American Public Radio Network's Pipedreams series. DVDs of the first two series of 21st-Century Bach were released in April 2006, and Signum has issued Series 3. A DVD of the organ of York Minster was released in 2008 by Priory.

Reconstructed Prelude and Fugue in D (BWV 532a)
Prelude and Fugue in D (BWV 532)
Philip Glass
Metamorphoses I - III
César Franck
Prière (Op. 20)
Franz Liszt
Fantasia & fugue on Ad nos, ad salutarem undam
Contact & Queries
If this page doesn't answer all the questions you may have before registering, just contact Philip Norman:  020 8519 6491.

If you want to know things specific to Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church (such as arranging rehearsal times, or setting up a display), please contact Philip Luke: 01953 688393.

Admin Who's Who

Philip LukePhilip Luke is the Director of Music of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, a post he has held since 1983. He has a long history of choral conducting and giving organ recitals, both here in the UK and abroad. Philip established the regular, last Saturday of the month organ recitals in Bloomsbury and maintains an impressive list of contacts with leading organists in the UK and abroad. Read more about Philip Luke HERE.

Organists Online LogoPhilip Norman founded Organists Online in 2000. He is organist of the German Lutheran church of St Marien mit St Georg in WC1. He also runs the Small Choirs Festival and associated web site (LINK) and the annual international choral festival, The London Sangerstevne (LINK). Read more about Philip Norman HERE.
During the afternoon and the buffet, there will be displays by organ builders and organists' associations, and sales of music and CDs.
Apart from the ongoing refreshments during the afternoon, a substantial buffet will be served at 5pm. Although it will be possible to purchase a buffet at that time, it will greatly assist the caterers if you are able to pre-book your meal, or at least give notice of your request on arrival at the church.
Location and Date
Saturday 30 January 2016, 1pm - 7pm
(but come and go as you please)
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Ave

Here is a LINK to a map of the area.

7, 8, 10, 14, 24, 29, 73. ... etc etc.
Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Leicester Square, Covent Garden.
Less than 20 minutes across London from all mainline rail stations.
The afternoon buffet: £5.

The celebrity recital: £5.

ALL afternoon events: FREE.

However, during the afternoon, there will be an ongoing collection. Excluding the refreshments and buffet, which are being separately organised, this event has a budget of something approaching £1,500 of which, programme advertisements and sponsorship will only partialy cover.

Please give as generously as you can to make sure that there is not an overall loss.
It is not completely necessary to register for this event and you may just turn up on the day. However, the overall organisation and buffet preparation will be better if we have some idea of how many people are coming. Please fill in the form below:



On the assumption that you might bring guests, please select how many people (including yourself) are likely to come to each part of the event:

The afternoon recitals and presentations:

Late Afternoon Buffet: 

Celebrity Recital: 

Comments and Queries

Your registration will be acknowledged.
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