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These are the organists from Organists Online who give virtual or remote lessons using Skype, Zoom or similar software.

As Organists Online is not an agency, feel free to contact any of them directly.

Although this list appears on an organists page, many of those listed also give piano, singing, and theory lessons.
Simon  Brett  DETAILS
Richard  Brasier  DETAILS
Stephen  Bullamore  DETAILS
Benjamin  Carnell  DETAILS
Henry  Chandler  DETAILS
Sarah  Charista  DETAILS
Paul Cheater  DETAILS
Phoebe  Chow  DETAILS
Stephen  Clarke  DETAILS
Jonny  Davies  DETAILS
Jonathan  Delbridge  DETAILS
Andrew  Dibb  DETAILS
Colin  Druce  DETAILS
Rosemary  Field  DETAILS
James  Furniss-Roe  DETAILS
Josef  Gaszka  DETAILS
Konstantin  Gensitskiy  DETAILS
Gareth  Green  DETAILS
Sachin Gunga  DETAILS
Robert  Hainault  DETAILS
Petra  Hajduchova  DETAILS
Chris  Haresnape  DETAILS
Christopher  Hartnett  DETAILS
Jason  Hawkins  DETAILS
Glen  Howard  DETAILS
Gary Hulme  DETAILS
Ben  Lewis-Smith  DETAILS
Peter  Lipman  DETAILS
James  Lloyd Thomas  DETAILS
Stephen  Mansfield  DETAILS
Simon Mercer  DETAILS
Ian  Miles  DETAILS
Richard  Moller  DETAILS
James Mooney-Dutton  DETAILS
Peter  Morrell  DETAILS
Nick  Murdoch  DETAILS
Colleen Muriel  DETAILS
Marc Murray  DETAILS
Martin Penny  DETAILS
Alan John Phillips  DETAILS
Dr Andrew Pink  DETAILS
Will Potten  DETAILS
Simon  Price  DETAILS
Nicholas Stefano Prozzillo  DETAILS
Philip  Rayner  DETAILS
John  Ridgeway  DETAILS
Julie Michelle  Robinson  DETAILS
Marin  Römer  DETAILS
Sam  Ryall  DETAILS
Ben  Saul  DETAILS
Ben  Scott  DETAILS
Michael  Smith  DETAILS
David Thomas  DETAILS
Carol  Williams  DETAILS
Jan  Winder  DETAILS
Ralph  Woodward  DETAILS
Christopher Woolmer  DETAILS
Andrew  Wyatt  DETAILS