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Individual, Embedded Pages (10 pa - 2.7p per day)

The purpose of these pages is three-fold: to give organists a more pronounced profile on the site over and above that offered by being a Listed Organist; to make it easier for site-users to find out about any organists who contact them about an engagement; and to raise finance so that Organists Online has a budget for national advertising, which will be a benefit to most organists and churches. For further information, please see below.

  1. Individual: the page assigned to a registered organist will be solely devoted to that organist. It won't include any information about other organists, events, or anything not chosen by the page-holder.

  2. Embedded: the page for each individual organist will have a direct link on the first information page of Organists Online. This will make it easy for page-users to find the Registered Organist of their choice.

  3. Independent URL: each page will have an independent URL, which means that it can be accessed from any browser WITHOUT first having to enter the Organists Online site. Such URLs will be in the form:, or Each URL could be used in independent advertising

  4. Raising Finance: hitherto, Organists Online has had no advertising budget and information about the site have spread, principally, by word of mouth or emails. With a known budget, advertising can be placed in national publications such as Organists Review, Church Music Quarterly, and The Church Times, on a regular basis. For instance, the annual subscription from 14 registered organists would pay for a 2/5 page display ad in Organists Review, including VAT.

  5. 10 pa Subscription: as mentioned above, the reason for this charge is to raise advertising revenue. In each case, it will run for a period of one year from the day a page is activated.The organist concerned will only be invoiced AFTER the page has been activated. If a page only results in one extra engagement during the course of a year, it will have paid for itself many times over.

  6. Updates: principally, once a page is activated, it remains unchanged for the period of the subscription. (After all, the purpose of having registered pages is not to keep me, Philip Norman, tied to the computer frequently updating pages.) HOWEVER, important contact-information will be changed free of charge during the year.
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