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Bloomsbury Organ Day 2024 - Registration. This year, we are trying to reduce crowding at the entrance, as people pay for the concluding recital and buffet, by taking card payments in advance. When your registration form is acknowledged, we will send you information about how to pay by card (if you want to).




If other people are coming with you, please indicate how many:

How many of you will come to the free afteroon session, 1.00 - 5.00 pm?

How many of you want to book a 5.00 pm Bloomsbury Buffet @ £6 each?

How many of you want to attend the 6.00 pm Concluding Recital @ £10 each?

At previous Organ Days, we have held an ongoing collection to help cover the cost of the afternoon session (when everything is free) by rattling an orange bucket at frequent intervals. This year, we are asking people who pay by card in advance to make their donation at the same time. If you are willing to do this, please enter how much you would like to donate:

IF YOU ARE PAYING IN ADVANCE BY CARD, please total all the fees above and write that total here:

Have you any questions or comments?

After you have sent your form, we will acknowledge it and give information about how to pay by card, if you are choosing this option.