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Organists Online is not an agency. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the contact between people or organisations looking for an organist, and organists looking for paid or unpaid engagements. Any agreements regarding payment and/or working hours and conditions are made between the person/organisation seeking an organist and the organist who accepts the engagement.

Organists Online does not guarantee that persons or organisations seeking an organist will find one, or that organists will find paid or unpaid employment.

Any organist may register with the site and have a password accessed profile page free of charge. The information displayed on such pages is as uploaded by the organist in question. Although such pages are monitored, Organists Online does not guarantee that the information diplayed is accurate. Similarly, anyone may post a request for an organist. This information is, likewise, monitored, but its veracity cannot be guaranteed.

Organists, and persons/organisations seeking an organist are recommended to seek further information (perhaps via Google or social media) about each other before concluding an agreement.

Registered organists' pages and requests for organists are monitored. They may be edited by the Directors of Organists Online at any time and inaccurate information and illegal or offensive material will be removed. You may discuss any changes made the the Directors if you like, but the decision of the Directors is final.


All organists are welcome to have a basic, password accessed profile page free of charge. Each registered organist is responsible for the content of his/her page and to keep it free of illegal or contentious material. Failure to do so will result in the page being deleted.


For a payment of £10 per annum, organists may have a richly formatted, password accessed profile page to which they may add photographs, video links and audio links. Each RegisteredPlus organist is responsible for the content of his/her page and for ensuring that they do not break any copyright laws with the material they display on their page. You retain the copyright of your own material you may choose to display.


We do not and will not share your information with anyone, unless required to by law. We have to gather some information so that we are able to keep in contact with you and make the site work for you, but if you decided to break your association with Organists Online, your information will be deleted after the period of time defined by law.


The cookies on the Organists Online pages are there to enable the various functions on each page to work properly. We do not maintain detailed records of how you use the pages and who you contact through the site beyond those demanded by law.


I have tried to write these T & Cs in plain language so that our intent and your rights and responsibilities are clear. If you have any questions, please direct them to me, Philip Norman -