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test 1

Test 1

In the panel above is Test 1. It sounds like this: Whenever the top panel changes, the audio example plays the latest version of the test.

Spot the errors, within the framework of the 4 rules listed earlier. The red soprano part is the given part, the black alto notes the added part.

Click here for an answer.
  1. At b, the interval between the parts is a 4th.
  2. From c to d, the added part leaps a 7th.
  3. At d, there is a compound 4th between the parts.
  4. At g, the lowest note is not the key note (G).

Here is a corrected example. There are other correct solutions.

Click here to see the correction.

These are the changes:

  1. At b, the 4th has been changed to a 3rd.
  2. From c to d, the leap of a 7th has been changed to a 6th.
  3. At d, the inverval is now a compound 3rd.
  4. At g, the final bass note has been changed to G, the key note or tonic.

This is an even better version, using a dotted rhythm on plain notes and some passing notes.

Click here to see the better version.

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