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test 2

Test 2

In the panel above is Test 2. It sounds like this: Whenever the top panel changes, the audio example plays the latest version of the test.

Spot the errors, within the framework of the 4 rules listed earlier. The red soprano part is the given part, the black alto notes the added part.

Click here for an answer.
  1. From c to d, there is a pair of consecutive 8ves.
  2. At e, the interval between the parts is a 2nd.

Here is a corrected example. There are other correct solutions.

Click here to see the correction.

These are the changes:

  1. From c to d, the 8ves have been changed to 6ths.
  2. At e, a 3rd has been used.

This is an even better version, using auxiliary notes and passing notes. If this was being accompanied, the final, bare chord could have a 3rd above the lowest note added (the diamond note).

Click here to see the better version.

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