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test 4

Test 4

In the panel above is Test 4. It sounds like this: Whenever the top panel changes, the audio example plays the latest version of the test.

Spot the errors, within the framework of the 4 rules listed earlier. The red alto part is the given part, the black soprano notes the added part.

Click here for an answer.
  1. From c to d, there are consecutive unisons (1sts).
  2. At g, the last lowest note is not the key note of tonic but, if singing unaccompanied, there's not much you can do about it as the lower, alto part, being the original part, cannot be changed.

Here is a corrected example. There are other correct solutions.

Click here to see the correction.

These are the changes:

  1. From c to d, the unisons have been changed to 3rds.
  2. If this was accompanied, a keynote of tonic could be added (the diamond note).

This is an even better version. Dotted rhythms have been added to some plain notes moving by step.

Click here to see the better version.

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test 4test 4
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