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Dr Klaus Bung

Qualifications and experience: Please see my website.


I have two locations and sometimes travel from a London address (SE3) and sometimes from a Blackburn address (BB1), depending on where I will be busy at the time. I will travel any distance in the UK (see details of past appointments on my website: Whether I can accept a certain job depends on the time (can I get there on a Sunday, etc, morning), whether the client can afford to my fares (in cases where fares are not trivial). I have a Senior Railcard, which gives me a 30% discount on trains. I have also played abroad (e.g. a wedding in Portugal) and happily will accept other such appointments. I have therefore indicated my radius as 600 miles, which I hope covers the whole of the UK (plus anywhere abroad). I have travelled from London to play in Scotland and in the Lake District for clients who thought it worthwhile to pay my travelling expens...


Phone: 07729906030

Mobile: 07729906030