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Tanya Brittain

Modern and informal organist. Competent and confident (incl pedalboard).

I played at my local Methodist and CofE Parish churches in Cornwall regularly for the past five years, and then following a house move to Hertfordshire, at Marlborough Road Methodist Church in St Albans until 2020. I played Hammond organs on stage and as a session musician for many years. I absolutely love to play the organ and I think it shows in my playing. I'm relocating again to Buckinghamshire/Aylesbury Vale area in April 2020 and looking of ad hoc opportunities and maybe a rota position. I'm not available to play every week but once every 4-6 weeks would work.

I like to have the order of service information and hymns in advance please. I have my own copies of Hymns and Psalms and Singing the Faith but I can source most hymns online.

I'm a professional songwriter and involved in music full-time so I'm happy to get involved with choirs, ensembles, live performances and events.


Phone: 07981274179