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The Organists' Toolkit
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| Keyboards (Manuals)| |Stops| |Couplers| |Choosing Stops (1)| |Choosing Stops (2)| |Changing Stops (1)| |Changing Stops (2)| |Swell Manual| |Rare But...| |Other Pages|

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|Hymn Playing| |Simplified Hymns| |The Play Over| |Voluntaries| |Filling In| |Other Pages|

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|Further Study| |Repertoire| |Other Pages|

Also available in the Toolkit Series

The Singers' Toolkit

A basic guide for people new to choral singing, covering the essentials for not getting lost, understanding the elements of notation, and pitching exercises for new singers who find difficulty in matching pitch.

The Choir Trainers' Toolkit

A basic guide for people who, without them, a choir would disband for lack of leadership, but feel personally unprepared for such a rĂ´le. Covering the elements of planning, directing, and recruiting. A level of musical knowledge equal to that in The Singers' Toolkit is recommended and background pages of extra information provided.