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If you provide your telephone number, musicians can ring you directly and an agreement can quickly be made. However, you may find yourself accepting the first person who rings, which gives you little opportunity to pick and choose. If you provide only an email contact, you will have time to gather basic information about all the interested musicians. If an organist is registered with Organists Online, you can search for him or her by following the Find an Organist link on the menu page.

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In the case of permanent engagements, please provide as much information as possible in the Other Details section.
Also for permanent engagement, enter here the LAST DATE OF APPLICATION, NOT THE STARTING DATE.


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This is the starting time, not the time you may need the musician to arrive. If you need the musician to arrive specially early, please say so in the Other Details section. Please be certain to provide the correct timezone for the specific location of the appointment in order to avoid cross-border confusion.



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We use postcodes/zip codes to determine the physical location of any given engagement. This helps prevent spam and general confusion by means of musicians mistakenly applying to perform at, or being automatically notified of, events on the other side of the planet.

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Follow the Analysis of Fees Paid link from the front page to get some idea of the range of fees being offered for various services. If you are unsure, please enter an indicative amount and mention if the fee is negotiable in the Other Details section.

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The more information you are able to give here, the more likely you are to get a musician who can fill your requirements.

Do you want a vocal soloist or small vocal ensemble?

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Do you intend to make a video or audio recording of the performance, service or ceremony? If so, this has important legal implications. Please, then, review this information before continuing with the form.

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