NMMA Music
Blessing Service
Motet Choir

When & Where

30 April 2023
11.00 am

St Michael's Church
Llanvihangel Crucorney



On Sunday 30 April, Bishop Cherry will be blessing various new vestments and bell ropes in St Michael's. A choir has been requested to sing a motet during the distribution of the communion.

This page sets out information about this Motet Choir and how to be part of it.

Read more about the NMMA and its music HERE


Membership of the choir is open to all interested singers.

Singing with the choir carries no implication of further committment. This is a self contained project and once done and dusted, that's it. You will be kept informed of other similar projects, but not with an expectation that you will participate.

It is NOT expected that singers will be able to sight read music. The piece chosen will allow for a range of musical abilities and, for those who want to use them, downloadable rehearsal tracks will be available.

This choral project will be led by Philip Norman


It won't be necessary for singers to download and print the music themselves. Books will be provided.


Please remember, via the Downloads section (just below) rehearsal tracks will be available soon so, if you wish, you can practise the music in your own time at home.


A Safe Stronghold

Thee We Adore
Vocal parts only on the tracks


Nothing - it's all free.

Last Date for Registration

There is no actual last date - we can accept new singers right up to 10.00 am on Sunday 30 April.

However, music has to be collated and printed. To make sure that everything is ready for the first rehearsal (29 April), please, if possible, register well in advance

Click HERE to register.


Philip Norman
01873 590 055
07939 064 247



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