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RegisteredPlus Pages

What They Are, What They Offer, How to Use Them and How to Become a RegisteredPlus Organist

To become a RegisteredPlus Organist, please visit

Click HERE to find out how to edit a RegisteredPlus page.

To find out more about RegisteredPlus pages and their benefits, please read on.


RegisteredPlus pages are richly formatted, with images, audio samples, and video links. They are accessible by password 24 hours a day, and editorial control is in the hands of the relevant RegisteredPlus organist.
Here are three examples:

1) JS Bach - LINK,

2) GF Handel - LINK,

3) Philip Norman - LINK.

The Benefits of a Registered Plus page

RegisteredPlus pages enable an organist to considerably enhance their profile on Organists Online. Registered organists have just a plain page of text, with a restricted amount of space to promote themselves. The richly formatted RegisteredPlus pages, with their images, audio and video links, make much more impact when a potential client is checking out an organist before contacting them. Also, RegisteredPlus pages are given priority when the list of 1,100+ organists is randomly sorted each hour. RegisteredPlus pages will always come nearer the top.

Additionally, a RegisteredPlus page is a convenient place to post concert and other event notices where they can easily be found by potential audience members. (Unlike social media announcements, they won't slip down the page out of site.)

How to Use a RegisteredPlus Page

RegisteredPlus pages have an independent URL (web address) and be accessible directly without going through Organists Online first. For instance, if Bach was issuing an A5 handbill about himself, he could conclude with, "For further information, please visit:"

For organists who wish to have a more personalised web address (such as:, or, they can register a web domain and then direct the new URL to their easily edited RegisteredPlus page.

The editing of a page is undertaken on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platform designed for easy use so that it is not necessary to have any knowledge of HTML or coding. It all takes place within the Organists Online framework. When changes are made and uploaded, they are instantly visible online.

How to Become a RegisteredPlus Organist

All organists are eligible to become RegisteredPlus for a payment of £10 per year. (That's less than £0.03 per day). Payment is made securely by card and can be terminated after the agreed period (1 - 3 years) without the organist taking action [there is NO automatic renewal - so there won't be unexpected charges made to your card]. Reminders will be sent out inviting renewal as each RegisteredPlus period nears its expiry date.

What Next?

If you would like to become a RegisteredPlus organist, please visit

If you would like further information, please contact Philip Norman: