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Organist Required

Organist/Director of Music

St. Anselm Anglican Church

Lakewood, OH

Monday, January 31, 2022





Lauren Hurley



14560 Madison Ave.


Lakewood, OH



Musical Requirements:

Job title: Organist and Director of Music (part time; 10-15 hours per week)
Employer: St. Anselm Anglican Church
Location: Lakewood, Ohio
Hours: 10-15 per week. On-site for approximately 6 per week.

St. Anselm needs an organist/director of music to provide organ music, lead congregational singing, and support musicians and vocalists on Sunday mornings and occasional holy days. Additional duties include: building ensemble groups and choirs coaching and accompanying cantors, soloists and clergy as well as the planning, rehearsing, and administration that facilitates such music. A key element of this position is in planning ahead with the Director (if applicable) and Rector so that music selection harmonizes with the themes of the Church Year and sermon emphases. The organist/director of music must uphold our mission: 1) we rely on the Scriptures and historic Anglican church doctrine to shape our ministry, 2) we seek ways to better understand the needs and values of our community, 3) we deeply respect the traditions of the Anglican Communion and particularly those of “High Churchmanship.” We’re looking for a candidate who intends to stay at St. Anselm for several years and develop in the role and grow the music ministry. The organist and director of music positions may be combined for those qualified. This is an expanding position.

This job is ideal for someone who:
• Is a Christian who is growing in their relationship with Christ and affirms a gospel-centered
doctrine and theology
• Has excellent organ performance skills
• Has some knowledge of Liturgy and chant
• Is experienced in accompanying and working with vocalists and small choirs
• Maintains a passion to support and encourage congregational song
• Has the drive and energy to add to a growing music program
• Is organized and good at time management and schedules
• Has communication skills, both in writing and face-to-face
• Is a self-starter who constantly seeks to problem-solve and improve processes
• Is intuitive; able to anticipate and assist with future needs
• Able to take direction and capable of changing direction and focus as the need arises
• Is able to handle criticism with patience and humility and build working relationships

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Prepping for Sunday service: including practicing, etc.
• Conferring with the Rector: Regular communication in planning worship
• Communicating to staff and governing board: reporting to the Rector, communicating organ and piano
maintenance needs to the Jr. Warden and Vestry, working with the administrator.
• Assisting in maintaining the music library
• Attending church events as needed: attend the annual meeting, come to coffee hour to develop friendly
relationships with parishioners, etc.
• Grow in understanding of Liturgy and liturgical resources of the Anglican Church in North America.

Job Responsibilities If also the Director of Music:
• Managing music selections, monitor the google master planning calendar;
• Maintaining the music library
• Maintaining Licensure and Copyright
• Coordinating choir rehearsals and children’s choir presentations

• Previous organ performance experience (degree or certification preferred)
• Previous experience working a church
• Previous accompaniment experience
• Previous experience conducting and building choirs and ensembles
• Computer skill or the ability to learn Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets
• Strong teamwork skills

Application instructions:
Please email with the following:
• Use “Applying for organist position” as the subject line and include the starting time of Lakewood
Anglican’s Sunday service.
• Your resume
• A cover letter (can be in the body of the email) with answers to the following questions:
1. Where do you attend church...

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