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Organist Required

Christmas cover

St Mellitus RC Church


Sunday, December 22, 2019

10:30 AM GMT/BST




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Tollington Park, London N4 3AG, Finsbury Park




N4 3AG

Musical Requirements:

Playing the Mass; hymns, mass parts

Other details:

This is for FOUR GIGS rather than the one...starting on Sunday the 22nd at 10:30, then the two Christmas eve Masses which are, I believe (will confirm!) 7pm and then 10:30pm or Midnight Mass on the 24th, and then 10:30 in the morning on Christmas Day.
I'M LOOKING FOR ONE PERSON TO DO ALL FOUR...sorry for caps, but every single year I have people ignoring my entreaty and offering one or two, usually the earlier one on Christmas Eve! The Priest is keen to have one person for all of it, for obvious much easier!
It is not an organ but a piano - there is talk of the organ restorers providing us with a temporary instrument but I doubt it'll be in for Christmas! They're used to my doing singing and playing so if you can sing they'd love it, but I've told them that this is unusual! Very relaxed gig, nothing too difficult, £60 each go, and I need another dep so it'd be great to have you on board for those organist is not just for Christmas!

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