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Parish Director of Music

St Peter-in-the-Forest, Walthamstow


Friday, August 30, 2019



Estimated p.a.



Fr Paul Trathen





c/o Peterhouse Church & Community Centre,
122 Forest Rise,




E17 3PW

Musical Requirements:

Please see details within Job Description and Person Specification given below.
Alternatively, please send request to, and full copy of these particulars can be sent to you, by return.

Other details:

Job Title Parish Director of Music (Temporary)
Responsible to Vicar
Accountable to The Parochial Church Council (PCC)
Key Working Relationships Vicar, Parish General Manager, PCC Treasurer, PCC, Community Engagement Officer (to be appointed)
Reporting Staff None (but with responsibility for volunteer coordination)

To oversee, maintain and develop the provision of music within the worshipping and serving life of the parish church of St Peter-in-the-Forest, Walthamstow.

• Playing electronic organ or piano at the principal morning worship service* each Sunday (currently, 10.00am), and at services on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Ascension Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day;
• Taking a weekly choir practice, except in the weeks immediately after Easter Day and Christmas Day, on Good Friday, and during the month of August; and directing the choir in rehearsal and performance;
• Working in direction of occasional gatherings of a small orchestra and other instrumentalists, for some worship services;
• Preparing lists of proposed music, for approval by the minister responsible for each service;
• Occasional coordination of extra singers/musicians for choral and/or other music.


• Where the church wishes to have an additional service, you will be given as much notice as possible and be invited to play. You will be paid an additional fee for such a service. If you are unable to play, the Vicar may engage another musician and pay that musician directly.
• You will be expected to make reasonable efforts to be available to play for weddings and funerals (and similar services), as required. If you are unable to play for such occasions, you must notify the Vicar as soon as possible, to enable for alternative arrangements to be made. (There will be additional payment made for such occasions, honouring the guidance rates of the Musicians’ Union. The church will collect this fee, and arrange for it to be paid to you, promptly.)


Payment for this role will be paid by transfer to your bank account. The amount of pay will be reviewed each year with effect from 1 January.
The payment will be made subject to any deductions for tax, national insurance or other amounts we may be required to deduct by law, or which you authorise us to deduct. Such payments and statutory deductions will be managed by the PCC’s payroll provider.
In signing a contract for this role, you authorise the PCC to deduct any sum owing to the PCC in respect of having taken more than your pro rata holiday entitlement in your final year.
You are not entitled to any payment for expenses unless this has been agreed in advance with the Vicar. You will be allocated a budget for buying choir music and similar incidental expenses.


Entitlement is for six weeks’ paid holiday per calendar year, or pro rata where you join or leave us during the calendar year. You are not entitled to any further leave in respect of bank holidays. Any unused holiday may not be transferred to the next year.
You should give the maximum notice possible to the Vicar which should normally be at least one month. You must make reasonable endeavours to find a suitable organist to play in your absence. The church will arrange any payment for such an organist. You will not take your holiday in the week before Easter or Christmas (including those festivals) unless the Vicar is satisfied that there are exceptional reasons to do so.
On termination or completion of your contracted role, your final payslip will be adjusted to add or subtract an amount equal to a day’s pay for every day by which your pro rata entitlement exceeds or is less than the amount of leave actually taken.
You are not entitled to take unpaid leave in addition to your paid entitlement, unless this is allowed or requ...

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