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Follow this LINK to access the basic list of 1,000+ organists from across the UK, with some contact details and information about qualifications and special skills.

These organists are not specifically recommended or endorsed by Organists Online and the information given is as they submitted it. If you are looking for a specific organist, the find/search facility in your browser may make this easier. For some browsers, this is CTRL+F.

Registered Organists

Registered Organists!!! New, client-interactive Registered pages are coming, on which you will be able to make your own updates via a password. You will be getting a message about this soon. For the time being, all your annual subs have expired, so I am not depriving you of anything by not displaying your details while the new system is set up. Your Registed pages remain active, and can be accessed via the Listed Organists page.